When you attempt to search for hosting companies and packages for your new website the available information and technical jargon can become mind blowing!

Do I want Windows based or Linux based? How much disk space do I need? How much bandwidth do I need? How many databases will I need? What is the downtime/uptime percentages? It’s all so confusing!!!

That is why Kizer Services works exclusivity with KS Easy Host for our customer’s hosting requirements! Their main focus is supplying hosting packages to website design companies that want to offer a “turn key” package of domain name, hosting, website design and maintenance to their customers.

With this concept, Kizer Services becomes your personal advocate and handles all aspects of the hosting process for your website. We create and add your email addresses, maintain all of your hosting quotas and help you should any hosting problems arise. We “talk their language” so it’s much easier for us to handle these challenges for you!

As for the requirements needed in a hosting package, we make sure all of the maximum quotas such as disk space, bandwidth, databases are within the range needed for your website. Sometimes people focus on an unlimited package for hosting which offers more than your site requires therefore the end result is paying more for something you do not need!

Email addresses are all created and based in the hosting package so we make sure that there is an unlimited availability for addresses for each site that we create and we setup all of the addresses for you! Once each address is created the individual passwords can be changed for complete privacy.

We attempt in every way to make the hosting process as trouble free for you as possible. If you have any questions or would like pricing for a website package OR would like to have your site transferred to our hosting provider so we can take care of you, simply go to our  and fill in the necessary information!