Professional Hosting Packages

From small personal sized packages to unlimited packages


For web sites to be visible to everyone they need to reside on computers that are always connected to the Internet. These computers are commonly referred to as Servers and they host web sites and all of that sites associated files, such as images, videos, other multimedia content and information.

Kizer Services works exclusively with KS Easy Host, a hosting company that focuses on supplying hosting packages for website designers only. We work closely with KS Easy Host to make sure that all of our customers receive specialized service.

We stay informed of any problems that may arise and we are your advocate with the hosting company in order that you receive priority service. You will never be left to handle your hosting services without assistance if you allow us to provide your hosting package!

Domain Based Email Adresses

Unlimited email addresses with any hosting package!

With our hosting packages you also receive multiple email addresses that are based on the domain name. For example, if your domain name is “”, your email addresses will be formatted as “”. This adds a very professional appeal to your website and also helps direct potential new “surfers” to your site by using these addresses for all of your email communication.