We Create Affordable Websites Without Sacrificing Qaulity

Specializing in websites for bloggers, churches and small businesses!


We cater to individual bloggers, churches or small businesses looking to get online and increase their online presence. Creating a web presence can be a real asset and a profitable business tool but can be an extreme challenge if you try to “do it yourself!

Whether you are looking for a site to promote yourself, your church or a new business and ready to establish an online presence to attract more sales and visibility, Kizer Services has all the solutions to get you a truly dynamic and effective website at an affordable price.

We pride ourselves in offering friendly and affordable service and we make sure the technical jargon is left with us. We will take time to figure out what features you would like on your site along with the desired overall “look”. This will all be done while making every effort to keep within your proposed budget.

Having your own website will allow people to learn about you, your church or business anytime. Instead of having to explain over and over again who you are or what you do, you can simply direct them to your new website. Creating a website for you and getting you online is much easier than you might initially think. Feel free to contact us and let us know what your needs are and we can start from there.

We Make It Simple

Template Based Designs

In order to maintain an affordable product with a professional appearance, we use professionally designed “templates” for the basic design in order to minimize the design costs. We then take your information and photographs and create a personal design that meets your needs adding any special features that you may request.

Under most circumstances, we can finish your site within 4 weeks, but the process is largely dependent upon you, as we will rely on your initial information, photos, feedback, and continued communication to help your design reach its full potential. We will utilize Dropbox and Google Drive to assist you in transferring any large files.

Once the site is completed, we transfer the site from our production server to your existing server or your new server supplied by us and go “live” with your new site! We will then check all of the pages and their loading times to make sure everything works properly and quickly, tweaking as necessary.

Contact us for information on pricing of total domain/design/hosting packages.


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