Most of the current websites are based on CMS (content management software) such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, the most popular being the first two. This type of software uses plugins that help assist in the development of the site and helps to create a specialized design for the owner.

Throughout the “life” of a website there are constant updates to the CMS software for security reasons as well as improvement to the operation and design of the software. With these updates to the basic operating system of the website ALL of the plugins will eventually require updates to allow proper interaction with the CMS software.

This process alone creates a major need to monitor your website for the required updates to keep your site from being hacked or not working properly. This is essential to maintaining a quality website.

But, you also must consider that most blog, small business or church sites are not “static” sites which require no content updates but in fact should be ever changing to reflect events, new blogs, new products and so on!

Therefore it is also imperative that someone updates the content of the website, possibly as often as weekly, to keep it from becoming a “dated” site! Becoming “dated” is one of the worse things can happen to your site because as visitors see that dates from weeks and months past are still on the front page, or find out that your site is still offering discontinued items, or even that your last blog was posted 6 months ago, they become disenchanted with what your site offers and in turn you begin to loose the audience that you initially created with your site! You MUST keep your content updated!

The question you must ask yourself, do I have the knowledge or the time to maintain my site in a timely manner. Also, how much is MY time worth to my business or church by doing what I AM proficient at and let the professional maintain my site?

This question is usually answered with “let the professional maintain my site” and this is one of the specialties of Kizer Services. We understand the needs of small businesses, bloggers and churches and focus on performing all requested updates in a very timely basis, most performed within 24 hours of your request!

Our update packages are priced on a per site basis because a flat rate pricing structure would benefit some and be too pricey for others because of so many variable with each site. So take a moment and contact us through our online form so we can begin communications and work out a package for YOUR site that will get it updated soon!