In short, NO! The hosting provider simply creates a place on the internet (on a server) where the files of your website can be accessed. That’s where the challenge begins!

The focus is to allow access to your site to everyone that desires to learn more about what you have to offer. This open invitation also attracts hackers and spammers that want to access your site for various reasons. Some want to use it as a “staging ground” for sending their spam. Others use it for various improper or even illegal reasons which could eventually get your website and email addresses banned or blocked by browsers and other websites, creating a huge problem to clear up. Sometimes the end result is simply to scrap your domain name and website a start from scratch which would cause you to loose all rankings with the various search engines!

Often times, the hosting provider will remove your website from internet access and quarantine the files in a safe place, only allowing restoration when arrangements have me made to correct the issue!

This is the beginning of a huge headache if you attempt to fix the problem yourself. Unless you have knowledge of where to look, how to patch an issue and restore the site it will be a personal nightmare! Because each site has THOUSANDS of files an on one or a fewthat may contain a simple 4 or 5 line coding group that is creating the whole problem! The proverbial “needle in a haystack”!

Kizer Services has repaired and restored many sites that have suffered the very items listed above and even taken sites that the owner(s) were ready to delete and was able to restore them to a clean, operable state.

We use state of the art software installed in the backend of your site that monitors every person that visits your site, recognizes all types of attempts to access your files or admin panel and instantly blocks them before any damage can be done. We are the immediately contacted by an automated email explaining the attempted attack. The IP address of the hacker is noted in the system and all future attempts to the site from that location are blocked.