About Us

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[fancy_heading title=”We Are Different …” title_delimiter_style=”2″ title_color=”#3a3a3a” title_font_family=”Roboto” slogan_delimiter_style=”1″ divider=”yes” divider_color=”#3a3a3a” divider_height=”1″]Providing quality websites to individuals, churches and small businesses at an affordable price.[/fancy_heading]

The quality of the end product is always an ultimate goal of any company. But, the journey to reach the end product can sometimes be very challenging for the customer. We make every effort to minimize those challenges by maintaining a full hands-on approach from beginning to end of each project while remaining focused on the predetermined goals of the customer!

Since we are able to take care of obtaining the domain name, securing the hosting package for the website including email addresses and database creation, the customer is able to focus on putting together the photos and verbiage for the website. This enables the customer to focus on creating a site that contains the information and “feel” that best portrays the message of their blog, their business or church.

[fancy_heading title=”Modern Looking Websites” title_delimiter_style=”2″ title_color=”#3a3a3a” title_font_family=”Roboto” slogan=”designed for you!” slogan_delimiter=”yes” slogan_delimiter_style=”2″ slogan_color=”#3a3a3a” slogan_position=”undertitle” divider=”yes” divider_color=”#3a3a3a” divider_height=”1″]In order to maintain an affordable product with a professional appearance, we use professionally designed templates“, created by top graphic professionals,  for the basic design of your website in order to minimize the design costs. We then take your information, photographs and design extras and create a personal appearance that meets your specific needs. We then add any additional special features such as forms, registration and event calendars that you may need.

The finished product is a modern looking website that exudes the personal feel that will assist each visitor to your site in leaning all aspects of your business, church or blog.[/fancy_heading]

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