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[fancy_heading title=”Design and Maintenance” title_delimiter_style=”1″ title_color=”#333333″ title_font_size=”32px” title_font_weight=”700″ slogan_delimiter_style=”1″ divider_color=”#eeeeee” divider_height=”4″]Let us design your new site or maintain you existing one.[/fancy_heading]
[content_image image_source=”2231″ title=”Quality Designs” link=”http://kizerservices.com/header-modern/website-design/” link_title=”Read More”]All site website designs are created by top level graphic designers with a wide array of colors and special features to choose from.[/content_image]
[content_image image_source=”2232″ title=”Turn Key Projects” link=”http://kizerservices.com/header-modern/about-us/” link_title=”Read More”]We handle everything for you…. securing your domain name, set-up the hosting package and the complete website design.[/content_image]
[content_image image_source=”2137″ title=”Site Maintenance” link=”http://kizerservices.com/header-modern/website-maintenance/” link_title=”Read More”]We offer a wide range of site maintenance/update options to help keep your new or existing site up to date with quarterly, monthly or hourly payment options.[/content_image]
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[fancy_heading title=”What Will You Need To Supply For Your New Site?” title_delimiter_style=”1″ title_color=”#ffffff” title_font_size=”29px” slogan_delimiter_style=”1″ slogan_font_family=”Raleway” divider_color=”#fcfcfc” position=”left” animation=”fadeInRight”][/fancy_heading]

Although we handle the complete design process, you will need to supply any photos you may want added as well as the information about your business or church such as staff, history, products, etc.

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[content_icon style=”3″ title=”Awesome Design” icon=”fa fa-envira” icon_effect=”2″ icon_style=”accent_dark”]We utilize professionally designed templates with amazing features and graphics, themed by your content. [/content_icon][content_icon style=”3″ title=”Website Hosting” icon=”fa fa-life-ring” icon_effect=”2″ icon_style=”accent_dark”]We handle the hard part by obtaining the hosting package for your new site and complete set-up, including creation of email addresses.[/content_icon]
[content_icon style=”3″ title=”Responsive Websites” icon=”fa fa-tablet” icon_effect=”2″ icon_style=”accent_dark”]All of our websites are designed to be responsive to the specific screen size being used for viewing the site.[/content_icon][content_icon style=”3″ title=”Domain Names” icon=”fa fa-thumbs-o-up” icon_effect=”2″ icon_style=”accent_dark”]Let us help you decide on a domain name then we will purchase it for you and make sure it is properly directed to your new site.[/content_icon]
[content_icon style=”3″ title=”Modern Design” icon=”fa fa-html5″ icon_effect=”2″ icon_style=”accent_dark”]Modern transition styling and photo sliders are used to create a very modern look and feel with every site that we create.[/content_icon][content_icon style=”3″ title=”Site Maintenance” icon=”fa fa-magic” icon_effect=”2″ icon_style=”accent_dark”]Let us update and maintain your existing site or your new site on an as needed basis or we can create an update program that fits your needs.[/content_icon]
[section container=”no” crop_top_style=”1″ crop_bottom_style=”1″][call_to_action color=”#d63131″ accent_color=”yes” light_bg=”no” button_title=”More Information” button_link=”http://kizerservices.com/header-modern/about-us/” button_type=”modern” button_color=”white” button_hover_style=”1″]Our ultimate goal is to create a quality product![/call_to_action][/section]
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[fancy_heading title=”our Process” title_delimiter_style=”1″ title_color=”#333333″ title_font_size=”32px” title_font_weight=”700″ slogan_delimiter_style=”1″ divider_color=”#eeeeee”]We will coordinate with you throughout the entire process![/fancy_heading]
[process_steps count=”4″ type=”image” size=”image”][process_step type=”image” title=”Concept” image=”3184″ step=”1″ icon_size=”1″ animation=”fadeInLeft”]We always begin our website designs by determining the look, feel and focus you want to achieve with your site.[/process_step][process_step type=”image” title=”Brainstorm” image=”3188″ step=”2″ icon_size=”1″ animation=”fadeInLeft”]Next, we will brainstorm with you to determine the final color, logo, verbiage and photo content.[/process_step][process_step type=”image” title=”Outline” image=”2974″ step=”3″ icon_size=”1″ animation=”fadeInLeft”]Once the the total design and content is determined we will outline the page flow and menu content.[/process_step][process_step type=”image” title=”Execution” image=”3191″ step=”4″ icon_size=”1″ animation=”fadeInLeft”]We take the design, content information, the outline of pages and menus and create the finished product.[/process_step][/process_steps][/section]
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A few of our maintenance and website design customers! Small business, non profit, religious organization…we are there to help YOU!

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